I posted my most anticipated back-to-school tech tool list today on ReadWriteWeb. According to those who took my survey, teachers are most looking forward to bringing the following into the classroom this fall: iPads, Twitter, Google Apps for Education, and blogs.

I thought the results of the survey were interesting. There was lots of variation and most of the tools were only mentioned once.

I was also curious to see certain companies' products and services go unmentioned. Perhaps they just don't fall into the "new" category. Perhaps people aren't really using them. Perhaps I need more data.

And of course the question you ask can shape the results you get, and I did ask for a tool a teacher wanted to "take into the classroom." So perhaps that explains the absence of administrative tools from the list. Or perhaps no one is looking forward to a new LMS.

I've been thinking a lot about what it takes to "hack education," and today's post was just the first in a number that I'm writing for back-to-school.

Audrey Watters


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