Back-to-school marks the end of Google's Summer of Code program. Over 1000 students participated this year in a mentorship program that places student coders with open source community projects. See my ReadWriteWeb coverage.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog reports that iTunes University has broken 300 million downloads. Over 800 schools participate in this program, making course content available for free via the iTunes store.

The CK-12 Foundation is offering its free, open source / open content coursebooks in an ePUB format so they can be read on the iPad.

Scitable, a free peer-reviewed science journal, goes mobile. Rather than creating an app for smartphone or iPad, Scitable have revamped its site in HTML5. According to the press release, "The key is to give access to scientific information to anyone - including those in the developing world with simpler devices and no broadband access."

Wolfram Research's Precollege Student License STEM Grants offers precollege schools that license Mathematica an opportunity to apply for grants to give students free home-use of the program.

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