Will Richardson, "How Hard is Too Hard?" -- Called out by a recent ISTE L&L article, Richardson asks how one can demand radical change in education without paralyzing and/or pissing off teachers. Be sure to read the comments.

The Harvard Gazette, "Easy blend of old and new" -- This article looks at how the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement uses Scratch to teach programming to retirees.

Ewan McIntosh, "Teacher Productivity - what if we harnessed Mechanical Turk?" -- Can we hand off some of the bureaucratic tasks (such as entering grades or attendance, generating school reports) to Amazon's Mechanical Turk?

Salon, "America's real school-safety problem" -- An interview with Aaron Kupchik, author of Homeroom Security: School Discipline in an Age of Fear

ACLU, "Don't Let Schools Chip Your Kids" -- Preschoolers in Richmond, California were recently given jerseys with RFID chips so they could be tracked while at school. I don't like tech fear-mongering, but I do think there are lots of privacy and security concerns we need to consider before we start radio-chipping school supplies, let alone kids.

Lawrence Bowdish, "The Kids Aren't Alright: The Policymaking of Student Loan Debt" -- The opening sentence of this article speaks volumes: "In most states, two crimes have a statute of limitations of more than seven years. One is not paying student loans, the other is murder."

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