CourseNotes announces Version 2.0 of its iPad app (The app costs $4.99, but could be available with an educational discount). CourseNotes, as the name suggests, is a note-taking app, and the new version adds the ability to export notes for sharing with friends via Facebook or with other CourseNotes userss. The app has also added an in-app store where you can purchase premium features including note templates and study sheets.

Online video company Udemy, whose website allows anyone to teach or take courses, announced it's raised a $1 million seed round. See my ReadWriteWeb coverage here. Online education is becoming increasingly popular, and there are several companies working to establish a foothold there. At this stage, Udemy seems to focus more on content than on pedagogy; nonetheless, with this week's announcement, Udemy has a strong nod from investors to help it move forward.

Harvard University announced a "strategic mobile initiative" this week, with both an iPhone app and a mobile web app containing important campus information -- maps, menus, course information, news. This is part of a larger open source project, iMobileU, that will return the code to the academic community so that other universities can build similar mobile tools.

Online test-prep company Knewton became the first educational company selected by the World Economic Forum as a "Technology Pioneer." (You can see the list of the other Internet companies here in my ReadWriteWeb article or you can visit the WEF site for a complete list of winners).

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