Social learning platform Grockit became the first educational app to be part of Google's App Marketplace today. This is a great addition for schools utilizing Google Apps for Education, as students will have access to Grockit's premium features for free through the end of 2010. See my ReadWriteWeb coverage here.

Online gradebook LearnBoost announced today that its tool is iPad compatible (well, 90% compatible, as you can't upload files via the iPad). Mobile support is key, I think, for any successful product, but particularly for educational ones, and it's good to see LearnBoost iterating quickly to meet the needs of its users. (Other new features include custom subjects and schedules.) By going the web route rather than building a separate iPhone or iPad app, says Thianh Lu, Product Lead at LearnBoost, it "means our service can update even faster. Because we've built everything to work ahead of time on the iPad, it means that when we roll out a feature on our web application we can very quickly push it out to the iPad as well."

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