Archive available here from Monday's "Elevating the Education Reform Dialog" webinar.

"No Paywall," MIT OpenCourseWare assures us.

Google launches Google Code-in, a contest that will match students age 13 to 18 with mentoring organizations to work on open source projects.

Second Life drops educational discounts for land purchases.

Public schools in New York go Google.

Microsoft's Live@Edu adds a number of prominent universities to its roster of schools.

Kid-focused online social network Togetherville has launched a School Communities feature. Togetherville ties kids online profiles with their real-world identities, but in a space that is controlled by their parents. The addition of the School Communities will let parents and kids organize around their schools.

Facebook overhauls how Groups work. Will this change how schools use the site? How will it impact startups who are tackling the social networking / social learning space?

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