MIT OpenCourseWare and OpenStudy have teamed up to provide interactive study groups about a dozen MIT OCW classes, giving learners an opportunity to discuss and collaborate with others moving through the same course material. The pilot program has been phenomenally successful. Read more at RWW.

And speaking of open education, NYU does just that, launching an Open Education Pilot program at the school. The program will offer two courses: American Literature until the Civil War, taught by professor Cyrus Patell, and New York City: a Social History, taught by professor Daniel Walkowitz.

As part of its digital citizenship initiative, PBS KIDS provides a number of resources for kids and parents, including a new game called Webonauts Internet Academy.

The 2010 Campus Computing Survey is out. No surprise: there have been substantial IT budget cuts at both public and private universities. More interesting: Blackboard's share of the LMS market is down significantly, from 71% to 57%. Its competitors -- Sakai, Moodle, and Desire2Learn -- all saw their market share increase.

eBook makers -- and yes, that could mean you -- BookBrewer has launched its service that allows you to self-publish your eBook. There are a lot of self-publishing alternatives out there, but I am particularly intrigued by BookBrewer's ability to turn an RSS feed into an eBook, as well as the option to get a DRM-free ePub version of your content. Check out my RWW story for more details.

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