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Via Free Technology for Teachers, there's now an instant search, a la Google Instant, for Khan Academy videos: Khan Instant.

Google has launched a program to promote computational thinking at the K-12 level. For more information, see the Google Student Blog.

The World Bank's Ed-Tech blog has an interesting story about a project in Africa that brings digital education resources to places without adequate Internet. The eGranary Digital Library -- "Internet in a box" -- has been installed in over 300 institutions in Africa.

The National Archives has launched a new site called DocsTeach to help teachers use primary resources in the classroom.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that colleges will force a switch to digital textbooks in order to save money. I have other moneysaving options but it involves axing subsidies for college football and ending expensive LMS and software licenses, so e-textbooks might be a more palatable option.

Amazon Kindle plans to let you loan your eBooks. Except not really.

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