Online language learning community has entered into a strategic partnership with the publisher Collins. The partnership involves Grammar Guides (for Spanish, French, German, Italian) integrated into the platform at a cost of �7,99 for premium users and �9,99 for free users of the site. says that in the future, the two companies will be working together on more courses.

The open source content management system Omeka is now offering a hosted version of its software. Much like has made it easy for folks who aren't able to install WordPress on their own servers to have blogs, will make it a lot easier for folks to get their online archives and digital collections up and running. Here's my ReadWriteWeb write-up on the news.

Science education site Scitable has added several new content areas, including Cell Biology, Ecology, English Communication for Scientists, and the Guide to Careers in Life Sciences.

College calendaring system DormNoise has added a bunch of new features with the start of the school year, including integration with Facebook so that you can use DormNoise without leaving Facebook.

And speaking of not leaving Facebook, the London School of Business and Finance will offer a Facebook app that allows you to do your MBA coursework while on the social networking site. Here's my ReadWriteWeb story, in which I kept the snark to the minimum.

The Chronicle reports that you can now get free eBooks via the iTunes University. iTunes has also created a Special Education section in its app store.

Facebook has acquired As Richard Byrne notes, if you have been a user, the time is now to get your stuff out as the service will shut down before the end of the year.

I had a chance to swing by Schoology's offices when I was in New York City this week. Schoology has built a really nice looking LMS, that seems to understand both the demands of educators and students. You can read my ReadWriteWeb story here.

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