Study finds texting undercovers disrupts kids' sleep. Thank you, science, otherwise we never would have known that staying awake to do things at night actually, ya know, keeps kids awake.

Will new E-Rate rules contain language about cyberbullying? iPad textbook publisher Inkling offers a new book on learning photography, based on Bob Davis's book Lights, Camera, Capture. Inkling claims that it is a "radical departure from what 'e-books' have looked like in the past," and the company sees its books as learning platforms, not simply "text plus multimedia."

YongoPal, an online service that matches U.S. students with Koreans wanting to practice their conversational English skills has relaunched.

NYU goes Google. I am still fascinated by watching Microsoft and Google carve out their territories as schools move to the cloud, and which schools and states (like New York) are the prized pieces on the Monopoly board, so to speak.

Audrey Watters


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