Here are my nominations for the 2010 Edublog Awards. Nominations close December 3, so there's still time for you to give a shout-out to your favorite educational resources.

Best individual blog: Weblogg-ed

Best individual tweeter: Kyle Pace

Best resource sharing blog: Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Most influential blog post: danah boyd's "Facebook and Radical Transparency: A Rant"

Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion: #edchat

Best teacher blog: dy/dan

Best librarian / library blog: The Daring Librarian

Best elearning / corporate education blog: Learnboost

Best educational use of video / visual: "It Gets Better" video project

Best use of a PLN: Mentors for EC&I 831: Social Media and Open Education

Audrey Watters


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The History of the Future of Education Technology

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