Moodle 2.0 has been released. It's the largest release to date of the learning management system. Key components like backup and blocks have been upgraded, and new features include community hubs, cohorts, portfolio and repository support and plagiarism prevention.

The Wikimedia Foundation has a great initiative underway that enlists college students to work on improving public policy entries as part of their college coursework. Read more at ReadWriteWeb.

The Chronicle's Marc Parry has a story about Smarthistory, a project that challenges the large, expensive art history textbook by offering a free, multimedia-rich art history "web book."

Since news of Wireless Generation's acquisition by News Corp, there's been a flurry of press and punditry about what the move means -- for Murdoch, for education reform, for education technology. I may or may not be guilty of a panicky "OMGWTF!" Facebook status update in response. But if you want more than exclamations, here are a few good reads on the WIreless Generation deal: *Objective or Subjective Wireless Generation Acquisition Analysis - LearnBoost *Murdoch Buys Education Technology Company - Washington Post *Not Wired - Eduwonk

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