PBS NewsHour has launched a student journalism site, Student Reporting Labs. The site aims to link students with professional journalists as well as peers throughout the country. It also plans to give students an opportunity to work with mentors at their local public broadcasting stations to produce original news.

LearnBoost, the free online gradebook, can now be fully integrated with Google Apps for Education. The gradebook is available in the Apps Marketplace. (And in other news, ReadWriteWeb selected LearnBoost as one of the top 10 startups of 2010).

Inside Facebook has a story on a new social game, Nihaoareyou that blends an online (gaming) university with real university lectures. According to the blog, "While users play the game, which simulates the American university experience, they can stop and jump into a live video stream of an actual American university class." The game is meant to foster a better understanding between students in China and those in the rest of the world.

Have a favorite fun fact you've learned from Wolfram Alpha? Submit it as part of the company's holiday giveaway for a chance to win one of a number of prizes, including the grand prize - a copy of Mathematica. Whether you enter the contest or not, the search for facts via Wolfram Alpha is always fun.

Google has pushed out a number of interesting updates over the last few days: an official Google Reader app for Android, Google Earth Engine - a tool for monitoring climate change, updates to Google Earth. And there are rumors that Google will launch its own e-bookstore by the end of the year.

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