Free online gradebook LearnBoost rolled out a translation tool this week. The startup will crowdsource the translation of its gradebook, a process that will echo Facebook's translation project (but, as to be expected from LearnBoost, with some very cool open source tech on the back end).

Android App Inventor is now open to everyone. I've only played with App Inventor a couple of times, but I think it has great potential to open up app-building to those with non-programming backgrounds and to help teach kids to code.

Scantron has acquired the online education company GlobalScholar for $140 million cash -- another big ed-tech acquisition to round out 2010. GlobalScholar describes itself as working "to orchestrate a complete cycle of learning. What begins as driving a unified and properly mapped educational curriculum, passes through robust on-line and off-line assessments, powerful data driven teacher decision support, and a unique platform of enabled differentiated instruction."

Earlier this week, a slide leaked from an "all-hands" Yahoo staff meeting, suggesting that the social bookmarking site Delicious was going to be shuttered. The outcry was immediate, and Yahoo later retracted, saying it won't close Delicious (although it's looking to sell). The damage may have already have been done as most of us are now making alternate plans to handle our bookmarking, curation, and sharing efforts.

Grading visualization tool Knack for Teachers has relaunched with a number of improvements and new features, including a free trial.

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