Intuit's is teaming up with Scholastic to offer a free online program to teach personal finance to middle school students, teachers, and families. Scholastic and have designed a game, the Quest for Money, to help teach financial literacy. The aim of the game and the curriculum is to help explain financial concepts and build money management skills in a young audience.

In an interview with Fast Company, founder Aaron Patzer says that recognizes their users aren't part of the demographics typically associated with financial planning. That seems to be part of the impetus behind the company doing more to promote financial education. "In not more than five years, these kids will be needing to manage student loans and credit cards and a bank account, and we want to get them on good financial habits straight-away," says Patzer.

Mint has added an Education section to its site that links to articles, games, videos, infographics, and videos, and Scholastic will distribute the curriculum to over 30,000 classrooms nationwide next year.

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