It's been tit-for-tat much of the year, as different schools and states announce they've opted to "Go Google" or "Go Microsoft." Yesterday, it was the latter's turn to boast a new contract as the State University of New York announced it was making Live@edu available to its 64 campuses.

As with all these implementations, the move will offer the schools substantial savings, and will provide students and staff with a suite of online communication and collaboration tools. Live@edu include email, calendaring, file storage and IM services. 70,000 students within SUNY already use Live@edu, and yesterday's announcement could boost that number to upwards of 465,000. This makes it one of the largest campus deployment of Microsoft's cloud.

Dear SUNY Albany: please use the cost-savings to reinstate the humanities programs you're trying to axe. kkthx

Audrey Watters


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