The social learning network OpenStudy announced today it has partnered with Open Yale and New York University's Open Education program. These universities will use OpenStudy to supplement the following online open courses:

Open Yale: Financial Markets with Professor Robert Shiller Fundamentals of Physics with Professor Ramamurti Shankar Introduction to Ancient Greek History with Professor Donald Kagan Roman Architecture with Professor Diana E. E. Kleiner

NYU Open Education: American Literature I: From beginnings to the Civil Warby Professor Cyrus Patell New York City: A Social History by Professor Daniel Walkowitz Introduction to Sociology by Professor Harvey Molotch Genomes & Diversity by Dr. Mark L. Siegal

OpenStudy provides study groups so that opencourseware learners need not learn alone. The addition of these courses not only expands the list of OpenStudy study groups, but adds new curriculum areas. As many open educational resources seem to favor math and science courses, it's great to see the addition of history, architecture, and literature content.

Audrey Watters


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