Comic creation website and perennial teacher favorite Chogger has just relaunched, with some big improvements to its interface and a new comic creator tool.

Chogger is a free, web-based tool that lets you build and public your own comics. The creator tool works primarily as a drag-and-drop interface, and while it's a simple tool, there's actually quite a bit of functionality -- and room for creativity -- here.

Chogger gives you a number different panel layouts to choose from, for example -- a single panel or multiple ones. You can add photos, images (drawn from the "safe" setting on Google Image Search), or draw your own figures; add speech balloons (which have been updated with this relaunch to include shout and thought bubbles); write captions and so on. Each frame of your comic can be fully customized.

Chogger has also added a bookmarklet to help you easily pull images from the Web to incorporate into your comics.

Recognizing that some of its biggest fans are teachers, Chogger is also planning to launch a new service Classroom Comics that will work well for teachers who want to have better control over their students' comic creation and publication.

Audrey Watters


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