Lots of teachers use Google Forms for homework and quizzes, and a new Google Apps Script called Flubaroo makes it incredibly easy to grade and analyze them.

The creator of the script, Dave Abouav, is a Google employee and also a part-time physics instructor. He created Flubaroo as a 20% time project at Google based on his own teaching experiences.

Flubaroo is designed to automatically grade assignments that are administered via Google Forms. It also gives teachers some analytics, highlighting questions that 60% of the class failed to get right and creating histograms of grade distributions. Flubaroo will also email each student their grade, along with the answer key.

To install Flubaroo, go to the Spreadsheet that's associated with a Form. Then, under the Insert menu, click "Script." You'll be taken to a Script gallery where you can search for Flubaroo or find it under the Education category. Flubaroo will then show up on the menu bar. In order to work with the script and take advantage of the auto-grading, you'll need to have taken the quiz yourself and identify your responses as the key.

Obviously Flubaroo will only work with certain types of assignments -- multiple choices and short answers. But there's probably still plenty of that sort of assessment going on, right Mr. President?


Audrey Watters


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