Press registration is finally available for ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia. That means it's time for me to make my plans for getting to what's touted as the largest education technology conference in the world.

This will be my seventh ISTE Conference, but it will actually be the first that I attend and not work. Well, I mean, I'll be working, of course. But "journalist" and "conference organizer" are pretty different roles.

I have mixed feelings about the event (I mean, I quit ISTE to become a freelance writer, after all). But I can't pass up the opportunity to go talk to educators, to finally meetRichard Byrne, to hear Chris Lehmann's keynote, to see my former co-workers (and hug them and not have to worry about tchotchkes for the Opening Reception) and to see more of Philadelphia. I did not eat a single Tastykake when I was there for EduCon.

So I'll be at ISTE 2011, and if you'll be at ISTE 2011, then hopefully I'll see you. One place you can be sure to catch me: LearnBoost's big party on Tuesday night.

LearnBoost -- makers of a free online gradebook and open source hackers extraordinaire - are throwing a party on Tuesday, June 28, 4:30 at The Mission Grill.

All LearnBoost users are invited to attend, but I have 3 tickets to give away to people who don't yet have a LearnBoost account. If you're interested in attending, comment below or send me an email.

See you in Philly at the end of June, folks!

Audrey Watters


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