PBS is launching a new repository of digital resources for educators today. PBS LearningMedia offers free access to thousands of pieces of digital content, including videos, interactive media, and support materials. That material comes not just from PBS, but from over 30 local member stations, as well as from other publicly funded organizations including the National Archives, NASA, and the Library of Congress.

The LearningMedia content covers all subject areas, and despite the association of PBS (well, Sesame Street) with early learners, the materials cover all age groups as well. In fact about 40% of the content on the site is targeted at grades 9 thru 12. The site is easily searchable, and lets teachers save, share and organize materials.

The site doesn't contain full-length programs. Instead content has been purpose-built for the site, with materials taken from PBS and local programming and then edited into chapters that match specific lessons and curricular goals.

You can access PBS LearningMedia to view content 3 times before the site will prompt you to register. It's free to register, although there will be a premium service available later this year that will let school districts work with their local PBS affiliates to help build out customized sites or to integrate the PBS content into districts' own portals.

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