Fail at writing

Earlier this year, I applied for the Spencer Education Journalism Fellowship at Columbia University. The year-long fellowship provides three education journalists with a stipend to spend the year at the school, working with professors in the education and journalism department and working on a long-form writing project on the subject of the U.S. public education system.

I learned this week that I didn't receive the fellowship. I'm not terribly disappointed nor am I particularly surprised, particularly as word on the street is that the three who did are capital-J-Journalists working for the capital-M-Media.

What would be more disappointing for me, I suppose, is if I didn't figure out a way to work on the project that I proposed: a deep dive into the technology and the politics of educational data and learning analytics, particularly when it comes to the adoption and usage of adaptive learning software in K-12 education.

I've posted my proposal online, and I welcome your feedback -- although truthfully (and maybe disappointedly), I probably will now put that idea on the backburner while I move forward with several others projects, which [IN YOUR FACE, COLUMBIA!] will be incredibly awesome. More news to follow...

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