Every week, Steve Hargadon and I sit down (virtually) to talk about the latest ed-tech news. I always find our conversation to be one of the most thought-provoking exchanges I have all week.

This week' podcast was a particularly impassioned one, what with talk of robot essay graders and with the tweets that came out of the Education Innovation Summit at ASU.

0:24:  My review of Udacity's CS 101 (another "Incomplete" for Audrey)

2:20:  Institutional MOOCs -- Classes or community?  Hierarchy or connections?  What do we mean by "scaling"?

7:19:  Coursera and peer assessment

12:19:  Robot essay graders.  Writing is thinking.  "It isn't about being grammatically correct, which is easy to correct.  It's about doing deep thinking," says Steve.  How do we help students to believe they have a voice that matters, not just one that spells correctly.

28:32:  The Education Innovation Summit.  Wow.  WTF.

The link to the MP3 of the show is below, and/or you can subscribe to the podcast feed. You can also find the podcast in iTunes, as part of Steve's EdTechLive series.

April 20, 2012

Audrey Watters


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