A couple of quick updates:

I’ve been maintaining a Tumblr site for some time now, where I’d post links to various ed-tech blogs, education-related stories and videos. I had a little sidebar on the right hand side of this site where I ran the Tumblr feed. The idea was for you to click through to others’ stories. Turns out the links were broken.

Quite few things on this site were broken. The “search box,” for one. (I deleted that. Try appending “” to the beginning of your search string if you’re looking for something.) The archives menu never worked. (So I deleted that too). The RSS feed from my Tumblr account didn’t work either apparently. Ah, the blessing and the curse of running your own website.

I didn’t fix the Tumblr RSS. In fact, I’ve opted to abandon Tumblr altogether – avoid data lock-in by avoiding Tumblr, ya dig – and bring the act of curating and commenting on other blog posts back here to this site.

To that end, I’ve added a new section to Hack Education. You’ll find it via the "Other News" tab above (scroll up!) or via There you’ll find me doing the same thing I did on over Tumblr – mostly posting the links to the articles I find most interesting, with a few words about why that’s so. You can subscribe to the RSS feed here. (It’s a separate feed from the Hack Education blog posts, but I’ll probably make the Hack Education Twitter account become a firehose for all of this.)

These changes to Hack Education were inspired by Stephen Downes’s OLDaily and gRSShopper. But consider all this on my site a beta. Let me know what works and doesn’t work – in terms of form and content. I’m not fully satisfied with it yet (the posts don’t include authors’ names, for example), and I’ll probably tweak things a lot over the coming days and weeks. Feedback wanted.

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