Web literacies? (v0.2 beta)

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I realise that the last of these could be contentious. The reason I’ve removed these more technical aspects has nothing to do with whether I think they’re important. Of course they are. It’s just that if you start from the endpoint of describing someone who’s ‘web literate’ I think it’s entirely possible not to be able to ‘call an API’ yet still be web literate. What do you think? I’d really appreciate some feedback – this is still very early work! Possibly related posts: Reconfiguring Mozilla’s Web Literacies (v0. 1 alpha) [RECORDING] Connected Learning webinar on Open Badges Why the REMIX is at the heart of digital literacies Web literacy? (v0. 1) Why I’m becoming a MoFo(er).... read the full post.

Excerpt/Analysis: Doug Belshaw is joining Mozilla to work with the organization on its learning initiatives (congrats Doug, and congrats Mozilla). And he's posted an update to some earlier thoughts about what Web literacies "look like" -- a visualization, more precisely. Lots of interesting comments on the post too, many of which I agree with: the colors of the columns don't make sense; the word "protecting" seems odd (too paternalistic? I don't know...). I think it's interesting that Doug ditched many of the tech specs from his earlier formulation. Hmmmmm.

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