Every week, Steve Hargadon and I sit down to talk about the latest ed-tech news and the posts I've written here on Hack Education. I always find our conversation to be one of the most thought-provoking exchanges I have all week.

It's only been a week since Steve and I saw each other, but with ISTE12 and Google IO occuring in the intervening days, we had a lot to talk about. So fair warning, this episode runs a little over our normal 60 minutes.

0:39:  Our impressions of ISTE12 -- exhibitors, attendees, the necessity (or not) of conferences, and the future of ISTE as an organization. 

38:18:  The lack of data portability in (ed-)tech.

46:00:  Android-user Steve gives Apple-user me a hard time for attending Google IO (and coming home with 4 new Google gadgets).  That aside, what are Google's plans for education?

The link to the MP3 of the show is below, and/or you can subscribe to the podcast feed. You can also find the podcast in iTunes, as part of Steve's EdTechLive series.

June 29, 2012

Audrey Watters


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