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I try to write here on Hack Education daily, and I'm pretty good about doing so. But the past few weeks have been a little crazy, and the next few days look to be more of the same. So don't look for much from me until Wednesday or Thursday. In the meantime, here's some news about what I'll be up to for the next few days and some hints at what I'm working on next...

Podcast:  Steve Hargadon and my podcast has been on hold lately, what with our travel schedules. We gave the plenary address on Thursday at the Emerging Technologies for Online Learning conference. I'll post the audio as soon as it's available, in lieu of Friday's podcast.

Newsletter:  I am writing a weekly email newsletter. (You can sign up here.) The newsletter highlights some of the most important stories in education/technology and includes a short essay from me on a major trend that emerged during the week.

Research:  I'll be kicking off a new research project mid-August about open educational resources and remixing.  More details coming soon.

Books:  Jon Becker and I are going through the submissions for Hack(ing) School(ing).  Thanks to everyone who submitted something. I'm also working on a guide for developers that helps address some of the questions in "The Audrey Test."

Travel: I'm headed to San Francisco on Wednesday, then to DC on the following Wednesday, then to LA the next week. My schedule fills up quickly, but shoot me an email if you'd like to chat while I'm in town.

Speaking: I'm starting to pull together my fall travel and speaking schedule. Again, email me with inquiries.

MOOCs: I'm currently taking 2 Coursera classes -- Internet History and Science Fiction and Fantasy. I'm not sure how well I'm going to keep up, all things considered. But I'm very interested in these because they're utilizing peer grading as opposed to robo-graders.

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