Part 4 of my research into the availability and accessibility of open educational resources. (See: parts 1, 2, and 3.)

There’s no shortage of openly-licensed educational content online. Trickier, however, is finding the right resource — whether you’re a teacher or learner. And in some way, the challenges of that search — whether real or perceived — stand in the way of more widespread adoption of OER.

Or so I gather from conversations I have with educators and organizations.

Below is a survey I’ve created that asks some questions in the hopes of getting to the heart of this question: why or why not do you use OER? There are other questions too, particularly geared towards finding out how OER are used and if they’re remixed (and again, why or why not).

I’m asking these questions of teachers and learners, because I think the usage by both groups is worth tracking.

(Incidentally, I plan to create another survey and write another blog post too about teachers and learners’ understanding of copyright and Creative Commons licensing and how they opt to license their own work — but that’s for another day.)

None of these surveys are terribly scientific, of course; none will be terribly conclusive. I am more interested in qualitative than quantitative responses — but the more who answer the merrier. (So thanks in advance!)

Link to survey (Please share!)

Disclosure: This research is being sponsored by FunnyMonkey, a Drupal-based education development shop in Portland, Oregon.

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