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I've already penned two posts for this week's Ed Startup 101 assignment (1 and 2), but here's a third. Someone just emailed me asking if I had a list of "recommended resources" for folks who want to get up to speed on ed-tech, and so I figured I'd write this post and tag it so that it appeared in the Ed Startup 101 RSS feed.

Ed-Tech Resources

Ed Startup 101 recommeded Edsurge and the Horizon Report for keeping up-to-date with ed-tech news and trends. It recommends Techcrunch for keeping up with tech. That's a good start, and I'd add to that and to your RSS reader -- if you're looking for industry stuff -- the things that Tim Carmody writes for The Verge, Steve Kolowich writes for Inside Higher EdKi Mae Huessner writes for GigaOm, Jason Tomassini writes for Education Week, and the writers of Wired Campus pen for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

A few other blog posts, videos, guides, and (admittedly) personal favorites that I think should inform anyone's "intro to ed-tech":

19 Bold Ideas for Change
Applying Lean Methodology to K-12
"The Audrey Test" -- What Every Techie Should Know About Education
Edtech Handbook: Launch an Education Startup
Ed-Tech Primer
The Evaluation
History of Virtual Learning Environments
My Thoughts on Codecademy
The Race to Platform Education
The Seductive Allure of Ed-Tech Reform
Unbundling Education
What If Khan Academy Was Made in Japan
What Silicon Valley Gets Wrong About Math Education Again and Again

I'm missing a lot here, aren't I.  Comments welcome...

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