Each week, Steve Hargadon and I sit down (virtually) to discuss the latest ed-tech news. This week's podcast was recorded "live in front of a studio audience" -- or something like that. Steve was in Portland for the kick-off of his "Hack Your Education" tour, so a handful of folks got to listen in on our conversation before the rest of y'all get to hear the podcast.

I didn't write much this past week, as I was sick and my work schedule disrupted (har har har), but that hardly stopped Steve and me from filling an hour with discussions on startups, Silicon Valley, and strikes.

The link to the MP3 of the show is below, and/or you can subscribe to the podcast feed. You can also find the podcast in iTunes, as part of Steve's EdTechLive series.

September 14, 2012

(And for a little bonus audio, here the link to my recent appearance on the "back-to-school" edition of the Digital Campus podcast.)

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