I was a guest on today's Ed Startup 101 Hangout, the class's last hangout of the year. I joined instructors David Wiley, Richard Culatta, and Aaron Miller, along with my fellow student Julian Miller.

It was particularly interesting to hear about Miller's experiences, who's been using the class to help "workshop" (if you will) his startup Ontract (featured just a few days ago in a Techcrunch write-up). I talked a little bit about my thoughts on the class, my struggles with deciding how and if the startup "frame" really works for Hack Education. (You can find my previous posts on the class here,hereherehere, and here.)

The Ed Startup class will continue in some form, according to Wiley, and I'm glad to hear it. I think the hangouts in particularly have been really valuable in exposing a variety of positions (positions as in "roles" and as in "philosophies") in education technology entrepreneurship.

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