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Today I counted the number of posts I’ve written on Hack Education since January 1: only 7. I’m on track — well, as of Week 2 of 2013, ha ha ha — to blog here half as often as I did in 2012.

But that’s okay. I’m writing a book. (More details to come…)

It's likely I will be updating Hack Education less frequently throughout (if not the year then) the duration of this book-writing process. Yes, of course, I’ll still be blogging here. This remains the site where I write and rant about education. Duh.

But in case there are periods of extended silence here, in case you're curious: here’s a list of the other places where you’ll be able to track me (and track what I’m tracking…)

News Elsewhere: A subsection of this blog. When I read smart, interesting, relevant education technology stuff, I share it — with just a bit of commentary — here. Or follow the Hack Education News Ticker on Twitter.

Weekly News: I’ll continue to post every Friday my roundup of all the education technology news of the week.

Newsletter: I send a weekly email newsletter (And yes. I’m sorry. Ugh. Email.) once a week. Sign up here.

Speaking: Find me at EduCon, API Strategy & Practice Conference, SXSWedu, and elsewhere…

Podcast: Steve Hargadon and I will continue to record our podcast (Schedule TBD).

Tumblr: I don’t update my personal Tumblr blog all that frequently. But I do use Tumblr to track links about robots with maniacal regularity (That's a hint re: my book).

Personal Blog:

Twitter: Your best bet for staying in touch: follow me on Twitter: @audreywatters. (Twitter is a real-time communication network. Email is not. Use accordingly.)

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