I was supposed to spend 2014 finishing my first book Teaching Machines. But that didn’t happen. It didn’t happen for a lot of reasons, many of which have to do with the economic realities of being a woman outside of academia, outside of mainstream journalism writing about ed-tech. Strangely, I don’t get offered big book deals.

Instead I spent much of 2014 on the road, traveling and speaking extensively about ed-tech’s histories, ideologies, and mythologies. People will pay you to keynote, I’ve learned, (or at least, they'll pay your travel expenses) even if you insist that you're a writer, not a speaker.

So I wrote, and then I read aloud.

And somewhere along the way I realized that, while I hadn’t finished Teaching Machines, I’d actually written something else. A different book. I’d written it piece by piece, keynote by keynote, lecture by lecture, chapter by chapter. And so I’ve pulled it all together in a self-published book.

The Monsters of Education Technology is a collection of fourteen of my talks on topics ranging from teaching machines to convivial tools, from ed-tech mansplaining to information justice.

Print and e-book versions are available for purchase via Amazon. You can also purchase e-book versions via Smashwords. Or you can buy from me directly via the "buy" link below. (You just have to decide who you want to get the largest cut from your purchase.) I’ve also made the files freely available to download here (right click to save the file). It's all CC-BY-SA licensed so hava at it:

Thank you, as always, for supporting my work.

Audrey Watters


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