I’m halfway through my year-end review of (what I think are) the important trends in education technology in 2014.

The word count for the series so far hovers around 25,000, and I have a lot more to say. (I’m sorry. You’re welcome.)

This project is a substantial undertaking, but I think it’s important to spend the time compiling an overview and analysis of “what happened,” particularly as the education technology industry seems prone to forget the past so quickly.

I learn an incredible amount in the process of writing this series, and I see things that I might not otherwise. I hope that, in turn, the series offers the same to my readers.

So with that in mind, I’d like to remind folks about the “donate” button on this site.

I purposefully keep Hack Education advertising-free. Unlike many other technology blogs, Hack Education isn’t owned by a major technology or media company. I don’t take sponsorship dollars to promote certain posts or products. I have not taken investment money from the same venture capitalists who fund education/technology companies. I am an independent voice.

This fall I was awarded a Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant, which provided me with $5000 in support of the “open thinking” I do here on Hack Education. To receive the grant was a huge honor – and a big surprise. See, while I’m hammering out all these words and crafting all these sentences and making all these arguments and picking all these fights on the Internet, I tend to forget that I have to remind people that they can support my work.

Thank you to all those who’ve donated throughout the year and to those who’ve purchased The Monsters of Education Technology. Your generosity helps make my work possible.

And thanks, of course, to everyone for reading.

Audrey Watters


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