The Trends

The GitHub Repo

If you’re interested in the data that drives this year’s trends, explore the Github repo. You can also read some of the updates on this project I’ve penned throughout the year.

The Credits

The work I do on this series would not be possible without the writing and research undertaken by many people in education technology. A list of – and a deep thank you for – those whose work can be found in the links and in my thinking throughout this project and throughout the year (apologies if I've forgotten anyone):

Tressie McMillan Cottom, Justin Reich, Neil Selwyn, Mike Caulfield, Matt Reed, Jim Groom, Brian Lamb, Jessie Stommel, Sean Michael Morris, Sherman Dorn, Kin Lane, Tim Maughan, Evgeny Morozov, Bonnie Stewart, George Siemens, Stephen Downes, David Wiley, Rolin Moe, Chris Lehmann, Jose Vilson, Melinda Anderson, Melonie Fullick, Kate Bowles, David Kernohan, Michael Feldstein, Phil Hill, Martin Weller, Alan Levine, Jessica Luther, Bill Fitzgerald, Libby Nelson, Molly Hensley-Clancy, Sara Goldrick-Rab, Benjamin Herold, Carl Straumsheim, Dan Meyer, Tony Wan, Natasha Singer, Morgan Polikoff, Bryan Alexander, and of course Seymour Papert.

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