The fourth book in my “Monsters of Education Technology” series is out. As with the other books in the series, it’s a collection of talks I’ve given through the course of the year.

E-book versions are available for purchase via the usual online retailers: Amazon and Smashwords. Even better (as far as my royalties go, at least): you can buy from me directly via Gumroad. You can purchase the e-book there (a ZIP file that contains the MOBI, EPUB, and PDF versions) for $4.99. You can, of course, just read most of the content here on Hack Education for free.

The Monsters of Technology 4 is likely the last book in the “Monsters” series, and as I’m switching my focus to finally finishing Teaching Machines, it’ll be my last book for a while. (I will try, however, to get print books and audio books of all four books in the series finalized – probably some time in mid–2018.)

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