I’ve made some changes to this site, most obviously updating the header image. That’s thanks to Bryan Mathers, of course, who continues to capture what I am thinking so perfectly in his drawings. (Why a pigeon?)

Those who look closely will also note that I have also changed how the work here is licensed. No longer is there a Creative Commons license on Hack Education material or on my personal blog. This really doesn’t change much, I promise. It does not change what you can read on my sites. Hack Education will remain free, without advertising or analytics or paywalls of any sort. Mostly it means you have to ask my permission before republishing my work. If you do wish to reprint or reuse my writing, please contact me directly.

Like all decisions I make about my websites, I am quite certain that this will enrage a handful of people who feel as though it is my duty to make myself “open” and “accessible” on their terms, but not on mine. Instead of making demands and making presumptions about a writer (any writer, but particularly this woman), ask permission.

Audrey Watters


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