It’s official. I signed the book contract late last night: the MIT Press has agreed to publish Teaching Machines.

I’m over-the-moon thrilled (particularly as I’ll have a great editor), although to be honest, I’m also feeling quite overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do.

I have been talking about this book idea for a very long time now, and within the last six months it has finally become a lot more “real” – something that probably would not have happened without the Spencer Fellowship (and without Sam Freedman’s book writing class). I’m so grateful for that opportunity.

I’m not sure how the book writing will affect the rest of my work on Hack Education (at the very least, I’m not sure what my annual year-end review of ed-tech will look like this December). But a book! This book! That’s so much more exciting!

(This article is cross-posted to the Teaching Machines website, where you can – should you choose – stay up-to-date with my research and writing.)

Audrey Watters


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