Ten years ago today, I bought the domain and launched this website, determined to do a better job covering the revival of ed-tech startups than the technology press did. Hack Education has changed a lot in the past decade. I no longer model this site on those publications. I've turned toward criticism and analysis and away from reporting. Hack Education remains, I think, a chronicle of the last ten years in education technology. It's become a record of the many public talks I've given. I am so proud of this work.

I do recognize that my updates here have been infrequent in the last year or so, as I've focused on my book. I should have written something longer today, worthy of commemorating this anniversary. But I haven't. (I will have a newsletter out this weekend, hopefully. Maybe.)

Instead, I want to thank you for all your support.

Image credits: Bryan Mathers

Audrey Watters


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