Teaching Machines is available for pre-order via the MIT Press website (and anywhere books are sold — consider supporting your local bookseller).

I spent a few days trying to revamp the Teaching Machines website — before deciding that the template I had was just fine. Now I'm in the process of updating all my various social media accounts with a new profile pic based off the cover.

I absolutely love the cover, by the way. I wanted this photo to be used, but I wasn't sure permissions could be arranged. (That is, I wasn't sure the copyright holder could even be found.) I'll be writing more in the coming days and weeks — all before the publication date of August 3 — about various stories in and not in the book. Why this particular photo matters to me is definitely one of those stories.

I am not on social media these days, which is going to make book promotion interesting. But hopefully I can get back in the routine of blogging more often — most likely on the Teaching Machines site for the foreseeable future, although perhaps on my own personal blog too. And at least those who pay attention to the particular bat signal of RSS will know I'm still around. Hack Education, however, remains on hiatus. (So update your feed readers accordingly.)

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