In addition to starting wikis for EdTech blogs and EdTech startups, I am starting a calendar for EdTech events. As with the other two, this is partly for my own research. And as with the other two, it's a project that's much closer to "idea" than to "implementation."

The only event I've added to the calendar is ISTE 2010, which describes itself as the largest edtech conference and exhibition in the world. It's also the event that I've spent a good chunk of my adult life involved with -- for four years or so as the registration coordinator and for not-quite-two as ISTE's SIG Program Manager.

Although I was relieved at first to not be headed to Denver this year (anyone in the event industry knows that conferences are insane), now that the event is just around the corner, I confess I'm a little sad to not be there. The conference is a pretty spectacular thing, and it's amazing to see all the educators there who are interested in teaching/learning and tech. I have a lot of questions for a lot of folks -- much better questions that ones about menu or room layout or workshop registration or presenter reimbursement. Oh and I'm pretty sure I'm missing out on the best.time.ever with SIGILT and Casa Bonita.

As I won't be in Denver and as I need to expand my horizons, I need to research some other EdTech events to attend. Any suggestions?

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