ISTE held its conference this past week in Denver. While I've seen lots of great blog posts from attendees and exhibitors, I found it very interesting that the event was not mentioned by a single tech blog this week. More thoughts on this later.

Google Scholar now allows you to search within cited articles. It's one way to gauge an article's impact, as well as to help scholars and students find new and related sources. (And a great little ego boost, personally, to see how many times by essay on Julia Butterfly Hill has been cited.)

Edmodo, the social network and communication tool for teachers and students, released an iPhone app this week.

The Departments of Education and Justice issued a letter, reminding schools that any steps they take to implement e-readers in the classroom must follow ADA guidelines.

The FCC is proposing to eliminate web hosting from the list of E-Rate eligible services. This change would force many school districts to find new funding for their website hosting. The FCC is accepting comments until July 9. The agency's website is ridiculously awful, and it's a little scary that the information architecture of the Federal Communications Commission would be so archaic and so illegible. But comments regarding the proposed changes to E-Rate can be filed at the FCC website.

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