Ewan McIntosh points to the Scottish Secretary of Education who seems to recognize that social learning networks need to pay attention to students-users and be better than Facebook. Scotland is currently developing Glow, a country-wide intranet for the school system.

Apple changes some of the restrictions for mobile app developers. The change means -- I hope -- that Scratch can return to the iPhone and iPad.

In response to Alec Couros's rather unpleasant Back-to-School night for his first-grade daughter, Will Richardson looks at some of the things he does as a parent to "make the best of it" with less-than-ideal public schooling. The post and the comments are really thought-provoking.

Dana Goldstein writes in "What Jack Shafer Gets Wrong about the LA Times Teacher Database Controversy" about some of the complexities around the "value-added" debate, both in terms of the calculations and the media's depiction of the discussion.

The Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has announced a week-long social media blackout at the school. The school will block access to popular social media sites for a week, and then ask students to write essays reflecting on their experiences.

ResearchGATE, a social network for scientists and scholars, announced a Series A funding this week. See my ReadWriteWeb coverage here.

Microsoft Research launched the Scholarlynk a collaborative content management and scholarly communication tool.

Creative Commons announced the winners of the 2010 Catalyst Grants. Recipients include an Arabic Open Educational Resource platform.

Cambridge ousted Harvard as the top university in the world.

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