Seattle tech blog TechFlash reports that online language learning company Livemocha has partnered with Telefonica Brazil to offer its broadband customers significant discounts on Livemocha's English courses -- R$4.90 per month, compared to the regular price of R$40 per month. According to TechFlash, this is part of a larger deal between Livemocha and Telefonica Worldwide, one the worlds's largest telecommunications companies, with more than 280 million customers.

Brazil is already one of Livemocha's strongest markets, with over two million members using the service. Livemocha has over eight million users worldwide, and TechFlash notes that "Livemocha has been on a bit of a growth tear in recent months as it looks to dethrone Rosetta Stone as a top destination for those who want to learn a new language."

Audrey Watters


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