One of the great things about having my own blog here is that the mission, the voice, the responsibility are entirely mine. I love it. I get to pick the stories, and I feel freer here to speak my mind. Most importantly, I get to focus on education and education technology -- something I'm passionate about -- without worrying that I'm doing so at the expense of covering other beats, other news.

But the flip-side of Hack Education being just me is that it's, well, just me. The posts on this blog are written in my spare time, even though I feel like it's some of the most important writing I do. I'm highly attuned to monitoring and writing tech news -- that's my day job -- but still I feel sometimes I miss a lot of stories here.

I want to do education technology journalism and do it well, and I've been stewing a lot lately about what that looks like. How do I make sure I provide the best possible coverage? What does that look like (i.e. news, analysis, reviews, interview)? And how do I fund it?

Even though it's just me here at Hack Education, I'm pretty open to hear from you, readers, with thoughts on any of this. Because, me, I'm still working it all out.

Audrey Watters


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