National Louis University is making headlines today by becoming the first university to offer a Groupon discount on tuition.

The school is offering a three-credit, graduate level course, "Introduction to the Profession and Craft of Teaching," at a 57% discount -- $950 instead of the normal $2232 cost. But only if 15 folks sign up. And just for the first 25 who do.

The fine print goes on: The credit is non-transferrable. Taking the class doesn't guarantee you'll be admitted to NLU. You'll still have to purchase 33 other credits at full price from the university in order to get your Masters in Teaching. And only new students, not those already enrolled in the school, are eligible for the Groupon discount.

Some deal, eh?

Of course, like a lot of Groupon offers, this daily deal is more about marketing the business than anything else. According to Jocelyn Zivin, the university's head of marketing, the school hopes the offer will help it with its mission: "identifying people of talent who want to be teachers." As she told The Chicago Tribune, "This is an innovative way to deliver on that mission and reach those folks."

It may be innovative marketing, but it doesn't feel all that innovative for potential students. Indeed, so far, just 2 people have bought the Groupon deal.


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