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I've updated the Google spreadsheet where I'm tracking on the year's ed-tech startup funding. Well, I've partially updated it; I'll fill in the blanks and write an article with more in-depth analysis about 2015 funding patterns at the end of June. Nevertheless, you can download the JSON file for startup funding to-date here.

For those keeping score at home, here are the largest funding rounds so far this year:

  1. Social Finance ($200,000,000)
  2. ($186,000,000)
  3. 17zuoye ($100,000,000)
  4. AltSchool ($100,000,000)
  5. Yuantiku ($60,000,000)
  6. NetDragon Education ($52,500,000)
  7. Genshuixue ($50,000,000)
  8. Instructure ($40,000,000)
  9. FiftyThree ($30,000,000)
  10. GuideSpark ($22,200,000)

Download the data, and devise your own analysis. The GitHub repository is here.

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